Indigo will build a highly profitable and sustainable aquaculture company to radically improve the lives of thousands of Palauan families.

Palau is similar to many Pacific Island nations in regard to a magnificent natural environment and pristine ocean waters, but with limited economic development and opportunity outside of tourism and government.

Indigo will dramatically improve the economic standing of thousands of Palauan families, while protecting Palau’s pristine waters and empowering the nation of Palau itself.

Social Impact

A key emphasis in this project is the significant social impact that such a business can have on local communities. By using equipment and methods that can be taught to local island fishermen and workers, we will maximize the number of Indigo’s employees. The direct impact on the community will include not only the over 75 employees of Indigo, but also the additional 70 giant clam farmers who will benefit from Indigo’s clam and coral operations. In a country with a population of 20 thousand, bringing full employment to 100+ families can have an enormous impact.

Environmental Responsibility

Environmental sustainability is also a priority. Indigo will operate with frequent monitoring and modeling of the surrounding ocean, flora, fauna and substrate. Using aquaculture to commercially produce species which are already under fishing pressure will allow conservation of the same species on the reefs themselves. Indigo can also assist the replenishment of these species through restocking programs in coordination with the Bureau of Marine Resources.

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Seafood Shortage

According to the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), the world will need an additional 27 million more metric tons of seafood per year by 2030 just to maintain the current per capita consumption level. Wild caught seafood harvest has been flat at its apparent maximum since 1990. The increase in production since then has come entirely from aquaculture.


Indigo has successfully undergone the process to reclassify the waters in and around its current ocean lease from protected to commercial status. This the first such reclassification issued in Palau for Aquaculture. Thus demonstrating Palau’s government trust in Indigo’s sustainable approach.

Palau National Marine Sanctuary

In 2015, the Palau National Marine Sanctuary was signed into law. The law designated 80 percent of the nation’s exclusive economic zone as a no-take marine reserve, and the remaining 20 percent as a managed domestic fishing zone for local fishers to supply the national market and ensure food security for Palau now and into the future.


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