Indigo's Impact

Indigo will build a highly profitable and sustainable aquaculture company to radically improve the lives of thousands of Palauan families.

Palau is similar to many Pacific Island nations in regard to a magnificent natural environment and pristine ocean waters, but with limited economic development and opportunity outside of tourism and government.

Indigo will dramatically improve the economic standing of thousands of Palauan families, while protecting Palau’s pristine waters and empowering the nation of Palau itself.

Employment Opportunity – The direct employment opportunities with Indigo will bring hundreds into the workforce. In addition to the hatchery and offshore operations, Indigo plans on building a processing plant and eventually a feed mill on the island. Indirect employment will also flourish as these operations will require support businesses such as housing, transportation and daily consumption.

Self-Employment Opportunity – Palau Aquaculture Cooperative Association (PACA), which is the association of giant clam farmers, currently has approximately 50 members. However, on a handful are able to obtain enough inventory and subsequent exports to earn a viable income. Indigo’s hatchery will be able to supply over 100 giant clam farmers with enough supply, and through Indigo, sales to sustain their families.

Food Security – Currently, Palau imports more than 80% of its seafood for consumption. With limited agricultural capacity, this leaves the nation susceptible to shortages and transportation interruptions. By producing thousands of tons of seafood in Palau, Indigo can provide food security for the citizens.

Increased Independence From Other Nations – By increasing the GDP and providing food security, Indigo can decrease Palau’s dependence on other nations for support.

Significant Increase on GDP – Indigo hopes to increase Palau’s GDP by 10% within 8 years.

Career Training, Courses with PCC – Indigo will provide internship opportunities to students (and faculty) of Palau Community College. The students will be able to gain course credits for their undergraduate and graduate studies. This will facilitate training of Palau’s citizens in the aquaculture industry; training which can be utilized with Indigo, or other Palauan interests.

Female Economic Opportunities – Economic opportunities are often limited for the women of Palau, especially for those jobs requiring manual labor. Indigo will have many opportunities for both genders, with equal opportunity for women. Female workers are often ideal for working in the hatchery environment and have been employed in the past with great success. Indigo also has management positions available to qualified women.

Decreased Carbon Footprint – Since Indigo’s hatchery operates via solar power alone, the company’s carbon consumption is greatly reduced compared with Palau’s diesel powered electrical grid.

Visiting Professors to Teach at PCC – Indigo’s principals have deep connections with the world’s experts in marine biology and aquaculture. Indigo will be calling upon such experts for its own needs with the business, but will also afford them the opportunity to teach at the Palau Community College as they visit the island.