Indigo received its charter in 2010 in Palau as “Indigo Seafood Palau, Inc.”, became incorporated, and received its 35-year Foreign Investment Activity Certificate (FIAC) in 2011, in order to conduct business in the country. The other business requirements, including both national and state business licenses and Social Security registration were also attained in 2011. Through its partnership with Palau’s giant clam farmers association (PACA), Indigo has been exporting ornamental giant clams worldwide since April 2011.

While exploring the markets for the clams in Japan, Hong Kong, China, Korea and Taiwan, Indigo has established supply lines and worked out logistics to major seafood markets. This early operation period has also allowed us to establish supply routes for its own needs in Palau, notably from the US and Philippines. Indigo has recently renovated its hatchery, which is 100% solar powered. The company has also begun growing fish in its offshore cages.

With funding secured, Indigo can expand rapidly.

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